Erich Gonzales elicits laughter by flaunting her untidy armpits

Despite how gutsy she is on “The Blood Sisters,” Erich Gonzales doesn’t always wear an austere face. In fact, it appears as if she’s actually a goofy person behind the scenes.

Just recently, the actress elicited laughter while on the set of the hit Kapamilya primetime drama. Thanks to her antics that were captured on video, we got to witness Erich’s untidy armpits.

“Libag, baby!” Erich jokingly exclaimed as she flashed her untidy armpits.

The aforementioned clip of Erich Gonzales showing off her armpits was shared on Instagram by netizen rhoroque. It’s safe to say that the leading lady has already fully recovered after she was reportedly brought to the hospital – and then to Kris Aquino’s home – due to an asthma attack.

Of course, Erich Gonzales didn’t forget to express her gratitude to the Queen of All Media whom she considers as her older sister.

These Farmers Thought That They Hit Something Underground Until They Found Out That This Was A Woolly Mammoth!

Two farmers were trying to drain water on their field when they hit something underground.
They dug the ground and discovered that lying beneath was a woolly mammoth.
20% of the mammoth’s body was found.

Woolly mammoths are extinct relatives of today’s elephants. Although the word “mammoth” has come to mean “huge,” woolly mammoths were probably about the size of African elephants. They lived during the last ice age, and they may have died off when the weather became warmer and their food supply changed. Humans may also be partly responsible for their disappearance due to hunting.
Two farmers from Michigan were trying to drain water on the field where they were working. Suddenly they hit something underground. Then the two farmers, James Bristle and Trent Satterthwaite were shocked with what they discovered.

They started digging and dug 8 feet deeper to finally see what was under the ground they have always worked on. They finally able to see that it was a remains of a woolly mammoth! There was a total of 20% remains that they found. It included its head, tusks, several rib parts, set of vertebrae, etc. It had been said that the one they found lived more than ten thousand years ago.

Dan Fisher, a University of Michigan professor said the missing parts of the woolly mammoth might have been consumed by humans. Also, the one they dug was in its 40s or 50s already when it died. About 30 woolly mammoths were found in Michigan.

Do you have letter M in your hands?

The practice has since endured throughout the ages. Today, most people view it as pseudo-science and are quick to dismiss it as superstitious beliefs. Part of why people are so skeptical is that they don’t truly understand it. They only know what they see in the media, and it has been wrongly portrayed in the many books, films, and TV shows that have touched upon it over the years. If you’re further interested in the subject, this video does an excellent job introducing and describing what the main lines and patterns on your palm signify.
One specific attribute that people often wonder about is the appearance of the letter “M” on the palm of the hand. The letter comes into formation by the way major lines, mainly the heart, head, and life lines, both appear and align on the palm. Not all people have such a defined marking, it’s even kind of rare, and those who do have one are said to be special. They are blessed with good fortune and thrive in the careers they choose because they have strong self-motivation and discipline. Oftentimes they end up pursuing jobs in the legal or political field and work their way up to top management positions. They are seen as gifted individuals who hold extraordinary intuition and because of this they make strong business partners in any endeavor they set their heart and minds to.
Furthermore, people whose palms have the letter M are masters at seeing through lies and deceit. Not much gets past them and they almost always figure out if someone is less than honest, lying, or cheating. This sense of intuition is often stronger in women than in men, but it comes down to the individual. Overall, the letter M has long been associated with the aforementioned traits, as well as the following qualities in life; leadership, good fortune, riches, and excellent prospects.
There is a lot more information and many details covered in the video. Check it out and compare your own hand closely to whats being described in the clip. Share this with your friends and family and try reading their palms, it’s really fun and you may just learn something about them.

Using A Metal Detector, This Man Discovered Fallout Shelter Underground.

In this article on Boredom Therapy, a man shared some photos of an awesome discovery he had after purchasing a property.
The man and his family decided to purchase an old house. However, they did not expect that this house contains a surprise that will blow their minds.

photo by boredomtherapy
photo by boredomtherapy

Their lawn looks like just any other lawn. But one of them had the great idea to use a metal detector on the ground. They did not expect that the detector would come up with anything.
After detecting something on the ground, they decided to dig it up. They found this:

photo by boredomtherapy
photo by boredomtherapy
photo by boredomtherapy

A few more digging and they unearthed what seems to be the entrance to a fall out shelter.
Fallout shelters are underground vaults that is supposed to house people in case of a nuclear fallout or some catastrophic event. They were popular during the 1950s and 60s when the threat of nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Russia was looming.


Kevin Santos, a former Starstruck contestant dreamt to be a pilot someday although he is doubtful on his capacity he gave his all efforts on his studies together with prayers.






“Pumasok sa isip ko 2nd year highschool lang ako. Kakayanin ko kaya lahat to?? Nag dasal lang ako ng nag dasal at sinamahan ko na sunog kilay na pag aaral. Sa awa ng Diyos.. TINAPOS KO! at base sa sagot ko sa DepEd Exam at base sa pinag aralan ko TAMA naman lahat ng sagot ko at sa exam ko naman sa (PP) awa din ng Diyos PASADO LAHAT.. sarap lang sa pakiramdam na kahit 2nd yr highschool lang ako nakaya ko tapusin ang unang yugto tungo sa pangarap ko”

Angeline Quinto Muntikan Ng Malunod Dahil Sa Kulitan Moments Nila Ni Yeng Constantino.

Angeline Quinto and Yeng Constantino who are both talented singers in the showbiz industry are undoubtedly two of the closest friends in the local music industry. Apart from being judges of different hosts, Angeline and Yeng somehow get along with everything in their lives.
Recently, the OPM divas Angeline and Yeng went on a trip to Balesin with a few of their friends. Maybe they wanted to let loose, have fun, and relax for a moment before they return to their real world – the showbiz industry.

In the viral video, Yeng was seen hugging Angeline Quinto in the pool. After a few moments, Yeng started to playfully drown her! Somehow, Angeline got irritated because she was able to drink water from the pool, but obviously, she understands that everything was just a part of Yeng’s ‘paglalambing

Netizens Spread Awareness About (PCOS) Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

If you ladies are experiencing an irregular period with rapid bodily changes like excessive facial hair and/or hair loss, unwarranted weight gain, acne, and even blurring of vision, then you might be suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS.)
As netizen Tenten Joson explains, “PCOS is caused by an imbalance amount of hormones (chemical messengers) in your brain and ovaries. PCOS usually happens when a hormone called LH (from the pituitary gland) or levels of insulin (from the pancreas) are too high, which then causes the ovaries to make extra amounts of testosterone.”
Joson herself has been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and now she’s going out of her way to spread awareness about this condition.


It is important we have a mainstream discourse on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, especially with how many are actually afflicted with it. According to Women’s Health, “between 5% and 10% of women of childbearing age (between 15 and 44) have PCOS. Most often, women find out they have PCOS in their 20s and 30s, when they have problems getting pregnant and see their doctor. But PCOS can happen at any age after puberty.”


Women’s Health also confirmed what Joson said about the syndrome’a symptoms: irregular menstruation, too much facial hair, acne, thinning hair due to hairfall, weight gain, and darkening of the skin.

Spooked Netizen Shared A Creepy Photos Taken From Their High School Reunion

Once you witness a strange phenomenon that you can’t explain, do you immediately chalk it up as something supernatural? Well, a spooked netizen had no other choice but to believe this was the case – after he shared the creepy photos that was taken during his recent high school reunion.
Jayson Posadas had a little high school reunion with his former classmates, filled with some catching up and a lot of fun. It is presumed that a bit of booze may have been involved in the celebration along with a bit of karaoke. But the lasting memory he would take away from that night was the horrifying pictures that could have signaled his impending death.


He shared the disturbing photos on Facebook where it quickly became viral. Jayson explained that in the first photo, he and his friends were all seen and nothing was amiss. But the disturbing part comes when we see the second photo.
Jayson’s whole torso vanished but his feet were left in the picture. It looked professionally edited but Jayson is confident at the fact that his friends couldn’t have done this to mess with him.
He wrote:
“Syempre nung una ko tong nakita kinilabutan ako kasi 1st time nangyare sakin to hndi ako maniniwala na inedit to kasi nga 7am na kami natapos so hndi na pagaaksayahan ng mga kasama ko para iedit to kasi nga may mga hang over din sila

Kris Bernal Makes Netizens Gone Wild On Her New Photos Wearing Two – Piece

Kapuso star Kris Bernal works hard to maintain her fit physique, which is evident on her Instagram feed as she constantly shares her workout snaps with her followers. Two of her most recent uploads earned mixed reactions from netizens. Despite multiple positive remarks, some claimed that they were unimpressed.
The two photos in question depicted Kris Bernal sporting a black two-piece bikini beside a pristine blue pool. However, netizens noticed that the actress’ bikini top seemed a little loose for her petite bosom. They claimed that Kris was too skinny and looked like she was sick.
One netizen was quoted as saying:
“Oo nga nasobrahan talaga. Basta ang mas maganda yong una nyang katawan sana eh.”


Another netizen wrote:
“Mas maganda naman talaga yong may laman ng konti alam mo yon kasi nakakamatured tignan di ba.”
Kris Bernal’ fans immediately stood up for her and defended her against these body-shamers. Most of her followers commented on her beauty.
It’s worth noting that the actress has already answered the remarks about her frame. In a previous interview with Inquirer, she shared:
“We should all learn to accept and appreciate different body types. I’m petite. I’m only 5 feet, 1 inch tall. I was born with a small frame — and I embrace it. If people don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best if they keep it to themselves, especially if they know they’ll end up hurting someone.”


Many People Was Shocked Seeing The Beauty Possess By The Daughter Of Comedian Anjo Yllana

Stunning and Gorgeous ladies are a dime a dozen on social media. You could find them everywhere, but a lot of them spend their time sharing selfies on Instagram. One of these beautiful women is Mikaela Yllana, the gorgeous daughter of famous TV personality Anjo Yllana.Mikaela looks like she could be the next big thing to blow up on social media. Based on her alluring looks, she has what it takes to captivate netizens all over the country.

Credits to:
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This 19-year-old lady is the daughter of Dabarkads Anjo Yllana and his wife, Jackie Manzano. With her head-turning beauty, it’s no wonder she has over 15,000 followers eagerly awaiting her updates on Instagram

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Often referred to simply as ‘Mika,’ she’s just like any other millennial as she often updates her followers with her happy teenage ventures on the image-sharing platform.

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