Spooked Netizen Shared A Creepy Photos Taken From Their High School Reunion

Once you witness a strange phenomenon that you can’t explain, do you immediately chalk it up as something supernatural? Well, a spooked netizen had no other choice but to believe this was the case – after he shared the creepy photos that was taken during his recent high school reunion.
Jayson Posadas had a little high school reunion with his former classmates, filled with some catching up and a lot of fun. It is presumed that a bit of booze may have been involved in the celebration along with a bit of karaoke. But the lasting memory he would take away from that night was the horrifying pictures that could have signaled his impending death.

via facebook.com/jayson.posadas.3
via facebook.com/jayson.posadas.3

He shared the disturbing photos on Facebook where it quickly became viral. Jayson explained that in the first photo, he and his friends were all seen and nothing was amiss. But the disturbing part comes when we see the second photo.
Jayson’s whole torso vanished but his feet were left in the picture. It looked professionally edited but Jayson is confident at the fact that his friends couldn’t have done this to mess with him.
He wrote:
“Syempre nung una ko tong nakita kinilabutan ako kasi 1st time nangyare sakin to hndi ako maniniwala na inedit to kasi nga 7am na kami natapos so hndi na pagaaksayahan ng mga kasama ko para iedit to kasi nga may mga hang over din sila

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