Erich Gonzales elicits laughter by flaunting her untidy armpits

Despite how gutsy she is on “The Blood Sisters,” Erich Gonzales doesn’t always wear an austere face. In fact, it appears as if she’s actually a goofy person behind the scenes.

Just recently, the actress elicited laughter while on the set of the hit Kapamilya primetime drama. Thanks to her antics that were captured on video, we got to witness Erich’s untidy armpits.

“Libag, baby!” Erich jokingly exclaimed as she flashed her untidy armpits.

The aforementioned clip of Erich Gonzales showing off her armpits was shared on Instagram by netizen rhoroque. It’s safe to say that the leading lady has already fully recovered after she was reportedly brought to the hospital – and then to Kris Aquino’s home – due to an asthma attack.

Of course, Erich Gonzales didn’t forget to express her gratitude to the Queen of All Media whom she considers as her older sister.

These Farmers Thought That They Hit Something Underground Until They Found Out That This Was A Woolly Mammoth!

Two farmers were trying to drain water on their field when they hit something underground.
They dug the ground and discovered that lying beneath was a woolly mammoth.
20% of the mammoth’s body was found.

Woolly mammoths are extinct relatives of today’s elephants. Although the word “mammoth” has come to mean “huge,” woolly mammoths were probably about the size of African elephants. They lived during the last ice age, and they may have died off when the weather became warmer and their food supply changed. Humans may also be partly responsible for their disappearance due to hunting.
Two farmers from Michigan were trying to drain water on the field where they were working. Suddenly they hit something underground. Then the two farmers, James Bristle and Trent Satterthwaite were shocked with what they discovered.

They started digging and dug 8 feet deeper to finally see what was under the ground they have always worked on. They finally able to see that it was a remains of a woolly mammoth! There was a total of 20% remains that they found. It included its head, tusks, several rib parts, set of vertebrae, etc. It had been said that the one they found lived more than ten thousand years ago.

Dan Fisher, a University of Michigan professor said the missing parts of the woolly mammoth might have been consumed by humans. Also, the one they dug was in its 40s or 50s already when it died. About 30 woolly mammoths were found in Michigan.

Do you have letter M in your hands?

The practice has since endured throughout the ages. Today, most people view it as pseudo-science and are quick to dismiss it as superstitious beliefs. Part of why people are so skeptical is that they don’t truly understand it. They only know what they see in the media, and it has been wrongly portrayed in the many books, films, and TV shows that have touched upon it over the years. If you’re further interested in the subject, this video does an excellent job introducing and describing what the main lines and patterns on your palm signify.
One specific attribute that people often wonder about is the appearance of the letter “M” on the palm of the hand. The letter comes into formation by the way major lines, mainly the heart, head, and life lines, both appear and align on the palm. Not all people have such a defined marking, it’s even kind of rare, and those who do have one are said to be special. They are blessed with good fortune and thrive in the careers they choose because they have strong self-motivation and discipline. Oftentimes they end up pursuing jobs in the legal or political field and work their way up to top management positions. They are seen as gifted individuals who hold extraordinary intuition and because of this they make strong business partners in any endeavor they set their heart and minds to.
Furthermore, people whose palms have the letter M are masters at seeing through lies and deceit. Not much gets past them and they almost always figure out if someone is less than honest, lying, or cheating. This sense of intuition is often stronger in women than in men, but it comes down to the individual. Overall, the letter M has long been associated with the aforementioned traits, as well as the following qualities in life; leadership, good fortune, riches, and excellent prospects.
There is a lot more information and many details covered in the video. Check it out and compare your own hand closely to whats being described in the clip. Share this with your friends and family and try reading their palms, it’s really fun and you may just learn something about them.